stage (Hardware Reset)
1. Turn off the printer, then unplug the power cord
2. Press & hold the POWER button printers use the index finger
3. Reattach the power cord
4. Use the middle finger to press the resume button 2 times
5. Remove your finger from the button POWER
6. You have completed the first phase to reset Ink Tank Full Error
(Power light blinking)

Second Phase (Software Reset) to Permanent
1. Download resetter applications (large file 9.7 MB)
2. Extract / unrar the folder C: \ iP1200
3. Make sure all files are free of attributes Read Only
4. Run GeneralTool.exe
5. On USB Port select your printer port
6. Select (check) the EEPROM CLEAR
7. Blank paper for printing, then click the Test Pattern 1