Sharp AR 507

With the Sharp AR-507 copier in your office, high-speed digital copying, good quality output, workgroup printing and network scanning are just some of the features that will be within your reach. Plus, it’s a Sharp product, so you’ll have the company’s guarantee for reliability and performance.

This black and white copier has an Auto Document Feeder mechanism which takes sheets from 2 default 500-sheet trays. Increasing this number is easy as purchasing additional trays can boost the number to reach 5000 sheets. Aside from paper, other heavier media can be copied on using the 100-sheet bypass unit.

When it comes to printing, the Sharp AR-507 can copy up to 50 pages per minute, and that, too, at a 600 dpi resolution for great printed quality and sharp imagery. This is a true workhorse in the office, with its reliability and affordability becoming a great asset to any company on top of which this copier’s monthly duty cycle is a more than respectable 200,000 pages.

In addition, printing on 2 sides is also possible with this photocopying machine thanks to the embedded auto duplex unit. Reduction and enlargement options are also available at 25% - 400%, a feat possible because of the zoom lens which operates between 25% and 800% in 1” increments.

One of the best features of this copier is that it comes with a network card, so you can use it within a local area network (LAN) for different printing purposes. You won’t even need to get up from your station with this specification because you can send your work directly from your PC. Still, if you prefer the conventional way, then the copier supports a touch screen which will help you copy your documents.

The toner cartridge and drum accompanying the copier can last up to 25000 pages with average 5% coverage, which is the average yield of toners. The use of toner instead of ink is an advantage, because you won’t have to worry about the powder-like toner drying up like ink does. Plus, this copier’s toner cartridges can be bought in advance and stored for a max of 2 years if the seal remains intact.

The Sharp AR-507 is a good copier for those who copy large numbers of documents on a regular basis. Plus, with its network card, connecting it to a workgroup is easy and reduces the hassle of copying and printing at the office. For maximum ease and great performance, this copier is a good option.