Free Printer Blinking

Addressing Printer Blinking

Lights orange and green alternately live 7 times as much green space, indicating that the waste counter has more than 100%, this is the last condition after a warning call operator error with the code orange light blinks green without interspersed sebanyak8 times or often called blinking...<-- more -->


In the printer error in busy conditions and are not ready to do the inspection, the first step required to enter the printer inspection in service mode in the following way:
1. In this condition die printer with printhead attached Catridge,
when power off (no electricity) press and hold the power button (the left) and
provide power (electric wires enter).
2. In this condition the power button is still depressed, press the resume button
(right) 2 times, then release the power button,
and wait some time after the light is not blinking.
3. After the lights do not indicate an error
means the printer is ready for inspection, if there is any other error indications
please check whether the printhead cartridge is installed,
or try to check the error code indication.