This tutorial is designed to help you who are experiencing problems reset HP cartridges. Usually when the cartridge is refilled, then the estimated ink level on HP Tool Box will appear empty. Well, that estimated full level again ink cartridge HP then you need to reset. Here's how: To reset the printer cartridge HP [HP 21, 22, 27, 28, 56, 57, 58]...<-- more -->

1. Refill your HP cartridge ink use your favorite reffil.

2. Follow the diagram above, the electronic license plate cover signed in blue with translucent insulation (be careful, do not close the other areas).

3. Enter the cartridge into the printer. Printer will tell you there are problems in your cartridge. Ignore this warning. Printer will print the alignment page.

4. Take the cartridge from the printer. remove the insulation. Close the electronic plate marked with red color.

Note: blue and red color illustration only. You do not give color to your HP cartridge.
(Not until the closing pin as above. Remember the lid pin red and blue only)

5. Follow the steps no. 3.

6. Remove the cartridge from the printer for the last time. Shut off the isolation of the electronic plat. Place the cartridge in the printer again. Printer should print the alignment page and the ink level indicator on the toolbox should read full.

Closed pin, pin not to shut.

If the tape is off the then both still appear "Cartridge (s) incorrectly installed" try clean pins are in the picture slowly Cartridge use eraser, hpqste08.exe stop process from task manager continues to run again HP Solution Center . If you can not also service center please contact the nearest HP printers. Hope helps