Step 1
Manual Temporary

1. Unplug power and USBOpen door and hold power buttonConnect power
2. Close door, then release power button.

or Step

1. Turn off the printer. And disconnect the printer cable
2. Press and hold the POWER button, turn on the printer
3. The indicator (L.E.D.) should be green
4. Press and release the RESUME button , the indicator (L.E.D.) should be orange
5. Press and release the RESUME button again, the indicator (L.E.D.) should be green
6. Release both buttons.

Step 2 Software for Permanant

1. Reconnect the printer cable.
2. Open General Tools software and select (USB PORT)
3. Choose (SET DESTINATION 1) And it should be reset.

Remark “After service mode Pls use software