Sometimes when the printer is reset but the printer still blingking too. That caused absorber is full, so even though the printer is reset still blingking. The solution I have printer and dismantle the cleaning of the absorber thus more ready to use. Printer All brand ink jet printer provides a special bath containing the ink-absorbing foam. Located at the base of the printer canon.

Following washing steps absorber foam printer canon Pixma IP 1980:
1. Open the printer casing carefully,
a. First you open the casing using a small screwdriver and the right side of the left side of the printer,
b. then proceed to open the upper casing body printer, you first open the front bolts and then just opened the back. See this picture:
C. Well this is rather complicated, you stay open one by one bebrapa bolts attached to the body and hook the printer. Kalo afraid you forgot to pair a special mark (arrow) on certain parts. Remember the clamps really is important when you reinstall the printer casing.
2. Lift the lid and remove the foam absorber absorber of the bath container.
3. Enter cork absorber in the tub / plastic bucket containing water. Preferably warm water. To avoid that your hands are not too dirty to use plastic gloves. Wash and squeeze the cork to ensure a clean cork from the ink.
4. Cork drying absorbers that have been washed in the sun to dry, if you feel anxious to put the printer, why do not yet dry cork put back in place. Make sure the drain hose is correctly pointing to the foam absorber.
5. Before you reinstall the printer casing, it's good you remove the exhaust hose from the printer and you provide a special place for the disposal of these inks. Now the printer in a fresh condition to absorb more ink. Ink absorber risk to other parts of the printer can be avoided and more printers are ready to print.
If still blinking reset the printer.