Canon IP 1880 printer series is intended for the consumer (regular user). Compared to its predecessor the 1700 series IP, IP 1880 has a striking difference in physical form. Wrapped with a black color and has a physical form rather fat. The resulting image quality of 4800 dpi, with speeds that had to print 20 ppm black and 16 ppm for printing warna.Dengan excess has, suitable for use by ordinary users. But the advantages behind it, there are some very disturbing weaknesses. This most consumers complained that the Blinking. Blinking usually occurs when the counter is connected to a printer that has reached maximum value. The maximum value is determined by the manufacturers themselves. It seems counter built / installed as a reminder that the printer has a maximum working capacity as he had. But the regrettable is that often a new printer to print multiple pages (print) has been blinking. Blinking means that as a means of reminding the performance of the printer does not work properly.

But still consumers who finally bothered. But this does not mean blinking we can not eliminate. Blinking can be removed with a reset counter to the original value (before use). For the Canon there are 1880 ways 2 eliminate blinking, first manually, but only a temporary (not permanent) and the second by using software or software reseter. The main requirements for your printer meresepet must have reseternya software first.

If reseternya already downloaded the software, the software extracts using winzip or winrar. then make sure its file attributes are not in read only status.
To reset different Canon printer reset printer epson, canon printer if the printer should be in service mode / manual reset / temp. for IP 1880 manual how to reset / temporernya as follows:

1. kalo blinking, massage the resume button for 5-10 seconds.
2. then open the printer cover
3. remove all catridgenya
4. pairs again
5. Turn off the printer by pressing the power button
6. Turn again
7. See still blinking ggak

Kalo ngeblink no longer, we go to the next stage is to run software reseternya.
Oh yes before the printer driver and printer should have the position or an active life
1. Sign in to folders reseternya
2. Click GeneralTool.exe
3. then the image appears as follows:
Follow these steps:
1. Make sure the USB port is mounted
2. Click the Lock Release
3. Clear EEPROM Cheklist
4. Previous pairs used paper, and then click Test Pattern 1
4. If the printer direct print process, usually Blinknya've lost.
To get it you can click here