To start the process you have to wait till the ink monitor says the ink cart is very low and then after more use it will come back with a warning the the ink is empty and it wants you to replace that ink cart. So then you take out that exact ink cart, modify it for refilling and refill it and put it back in the printer. The printer logic will detect the ink cart and tell you one more time that it is empty and give you the option to continue to print and it will warn you that you will void your warranty if you refill the ink cart and continue to print. This is the start of the 5 step process. To contine you have to acknowledge that you understand but that you want to continue printing with this ink cart. Canon makes you press the "RESET/RESUME" button to acknowledge what you want to do. Then it says the only way for you to continue is to disable the Canon Ink Monitor function, (Since they don’t want to be responsible for monitoring your cheap dirty rotten ink). So they take you through several more step of "RESET" (5 step in total) that will stop their ink monitoring of that ink cartridge. So from now on you are responsible to keep an eye on the ink level in that ink cart and never EVER let it go dry.

The bad news is that this entire process is repeated for each and every ink cart in the printer until you have them all disabled from the Canon ink monitor. After that you will never ever get anohter error messasge from Canon about low ink. They will detect if the ink cart or it’s chip go bad and tell you about that.

The good thing about all of this is that you are now in control of all the ink and refilling them and this is key in the maintenance of the printer. Because you are now keeping a better watch on what your printing and checking the nozzle print to make sure things still look good, you are taking much better care of your printer. | source