1) Power on printer while holding both the + & - buttons simultaneously; release when “OKIUSER” is displayed.
2) Press either the + or - button until “ENGINE DIAG MODE” is displayed; press the Enter button and “DIAGNOSTIC MODE xx.xx.xx” will be displayed.
3) Press and hold both the - & On-line buttons simultaneously until “ENG DIAG LEVEL2” is displayed.
4) Press either the + or - button until “CONSUMABLE COUNTER SET” is displayed, press the Enter button; you are now in the menu to set various consumables.
5) Press either the + or - buttons to scroll through the various consumables, at the desired consumable (ie. “K-ID UNIT …” for the Black Image Drum Unit) press the Enter button and the last digit of the count will start flashing.
6) Press the Cancel button to decrease the digit amount or press the On-line button to increase the digit amount; press the + or - buttons to move along individual digits in the count.
7) Once the count is at the level you desire (I reset mine to 50), press and hold the On-line, Cancel, & Back buttons (yes, it’s 3 of them this time) simultaneously until the “*” reappears next to the count; you have reset that consumable’s count to the number you specified.
8) Press the + or - buttons to move to the next consumable and repeat at step 5.
9) Once all consumable counts have been set to desired amounts that are below their end-of-life thresholds, you can use the Back, +, & - buttons to exit through the menus (reverse of steps 2 through 4) until “INITIALIZING” is displayed.
10) You’re finished! Now log in to the web interface with your browser and check to see the remaining life of your consumables.