1) Turn on Printer while holding the 1 & 2 buttons.

2) Using button #1 scroll down untill you see "Diagnostic Mode 00.22.00", then hold down buttons 2 & 3.

3) You now have "Engine Diag Mode Level 4" showing on the display.

4) Use Buttons 1 & 5 to scroll between menu’s. Scroll down to "Counter Set".

5) Use Buttons 2 & 6 to scroll between menu items. Use buttons 3 & 7 to change the value you wish to alter.

6) The Flashing number is the value you have highlighted. Use Buttons 2 & 6 to change that value.

7) When you have made any changes you need to, hold down buttons 1, 3, and 5. The screen will flash 3 times, then an * will appear at the end of the screen. The Value has been set.

8) The "ID" unit appears to be the drums, setting these values changes the drum usage according to the printer.
The Toner counts are in percentages, and can be changed from 000% to 999%, where 0% is no use, and 100% is totally used.
The "Dot Count"s set how many times each colour has been used, in the life of that toner(?).
The "Total Dot Count" is the same as the above, but for the entire life of the printer.
The "Replace" values for belt, fuser, drums, and toners show how many times each of those units have been replaced.
The Printer life limit seems like an odd one... its there to make you replace the printer after x(600000) number of prints?
There are also life limits for toners, drums, fuser units, belts etc, which can be changed from the default values.
The (cmyk) "ID Unit" shows how many pages have been printed that include that colour since that item has been installed.
The (cnyk) toner percentages can be changed here manually, but is no use if you’ve turned off toner counting in the below step.

9) To turn off Toner counting:

After getting into Eng Diag level 4, scroll down to "Engine Parameter Set 2".

Use the 2 & 6 buttons to scroll between options. Scroll to "Toner Sensor".

By Default, this is "Enable".

Change the values by using the 3 & 7 buttons. When you’ve changed the value to "Disable" press both the 3 & 7 buttons together, and the * will appear, showing that you’ve set the value correctly.

You can also apply the above change to the "ID Unit"s aswell, being the image drums, to stop any counting of the drum units, allowing them to be used untill image quality suffers.

The above change can also be made to the "Belt Unit" and i’m guessing Fuser unit aswell.