EPSON C67 Reset Software

actually i,m also using C67, C68 and C87 epson printer with CISS or continuous ink supply system but unfortunately this practice waste me a lot of ink just by doing printhead clean-up.
this technology is not really worth buying for.

this because if can can just figure out how this printer feed ink by original cartridges you can see easily the problem brought by this CISS.

Basically the main problem is the pressure difference between the tank and the ink delivery cartridges with the built-in auto reset chips, this, even just simple pressure calculations you can actually derive a negative pressure pulling the ink towards the tank,
every after printing (if you can notice) you have to do the routine head clean-up and therefore wasting a lot of ink. base from experience it would be much better if you just refill the original cartridge and transfer the auto reset chips to the genuine cartridges.Download

so by doing this you can save the life of your printerhead, ink pad etc. also the original cartridge contain a sponge which also aid in filtering the refilled ink unlike the ciss cartridge that has none.

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