Service Manual contains basic data and figures on the plain paper Canon copier NP6560/NP6360/NP6260 needed to service the machine in the field.
The Canon Copier NP6560/NP6360/NP6260 is designed to enable full automatic copying work, and comes with the following systems accessories:
1. Stapler Sorter-E2
2. RDF-D1
3. Paper Deck-A1
4. Sorter-G1
Table contents of this Canon NP6560/NP6360/NP6260 Service And Repair Manual
* General Description
* Basic Operation
* Exposure System
* Image Formation System
* Pick-Up/Feeding System
* Fixing System
* Externals/Auxiliary Mechanisms
* Paper Deck-A1
* Installation
* Maintenance and Servicing
* Troubleshooting
* Appendix
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