Reset Ink Level for Canon Pixma iP1800 and Canon Pixma iP1880 using iPtool softwareReset Ink Level on Canon Pixma iP1800/Canon Pixma iP1880 using iPtool software
If you have the like that, try this to solve the problem.

1. Press power button while plug in the powerchord – green lamp.
2. While hold the power button press resume button twice – orange blink and return to green.
3. Release the power button, Then the pc will recognize new printer install.
4. Then run the iptools from software
5. Click the reset black reset color
6. Click the reset main and reset platen. You will see in the iptol menu that the ink level will be reseted and the WP and WM will set to 0 and new cartridege installed. then exit
7. Restart the printer

if the problem still occured, do the same procedures from 1 to 3 then.

* Click the eeprom reset botton
* Wait for for a second the menu will be resetted and the printer will initialized.
* Turn off the printer then turn on and try to print..

by the way i recognize the printer that if u park the head of printer in the replace ink area position, there will be a blinking error u will notice after a few print or after u usedu need to reset the eeprom in iptools.
download here