Resetter Epson CX5500

To run resetter Epson cx5500 no require date setting in your computer. But I do not sure with this software, because the appearance of software differing from other adjustment program. Unhappily I do not find alternative software on internet besides this software.

How to run software resetter Epson cx5500
* Download and extract the file.
* Run “ServiceFT.exe”
* Select waste ink pad counter from maintenance item, double click to execute it.
* Click Initialization button to reset current protection counter to Zero.
* Read(again) after “0″ press finish
* Choose set shipping data (bottom menu)
* Choose set
* Wait for a while (about 1 minute)
* If there is a reaction from the printer (it will load some paper or you hear “klothak” sound), the reset process will be done. turn off the printer and then turn on again. repeat read the EEPROM
* If there is no reaction from the printer, repeat step 1
For everyone which have require this tutorial hopefully can help you.

Download adjustment program epson CX5500