Lasermatrix 2400 catalogue

This catalogue contains a detailed list of all service AIDS, supplies, expendables and field replaceable parts for all models of the printer. Arrangement of the information is intended for field replaceable units (FRUs). FRUs are illustrated at the end of this post.

Parts are given in the following tables:
Customer replaceable units (CRUs) and miscellaneous, page 2
-Tools of the service field, page 3
-Field replaceable units (FRUs), page 4
FRU illustrated parts breakdown drawings:
-Main and the lid, pages 7, 8 and 9
-Paper path, pages 10 and 11
-Fuser, pages 12, 13 and 14
-Right and a framework, pages 15 and 16
-Left frame Assembly, page 17
-Controller engine, page 18
-Raster image processor, page 19
-Low voltage power supply, page 20