User manual Canon a-10sx

This guide includes all the information you need to set up and operate your printer in the heads of several easy to read.
Chapter 1, introduction
Introduces you to the functions of the printer and describes how this
the Handbook is organized.

Chapter 2, setting up the printer
Describes printer components, as well as how to unpack and collected.

Chapter 3, using the printer
This article describes how to select a location for your printer, select the paper and load
it in the printer and print envelopes, transparencies, and Thick paper.
It also includes tips for using the printer on a daily basis and
journey to the printer.

Chapter 4, using the operator panel
Explains how to manage your printer by using the buttons on the operator

Chapter 5 using the printer software
This article describes how to install the printer driver and select the printer's control

Chapter 6, maintaining your printer
This article describes how to clean up the printer, replace the ink cartridge and stores

Chapter 7, troubleshooting
Provides procedures to help you resolve problems that may arise in
use of the printer.

Chapter 8, customizing the printer
Explains how you can customize the factory default settings and select
mode of the printer manage the printer by changing the DIP switches.

Chapter 9, installing and using options
This article describes how to install the available options for the Canon Bubble Jet
Printer a-10sx.
The appendices contain the printer specifications, interface specifications,
summary tables and 10 (e) the mode and the Epson LQ printer mode
command sets and characters.
On the back of this manual you will find quick reference card. In order to
detach the card cut a dotted line on the left side of the card; then
fold the card down the Centre. Take this quick reference with you
When traveling with your printer.
The programmers manual for Canon Bubble Jet printer is a-10sx
for software developers, programmers and users
interested in the use of a programming language to send commands to
printer. In order to obtain a copy of this guide, call Canon PC
Systems for the Bureau for the assistance of technical support at 1-800-423-2366.
This manual uses the following conventions, warn