Stylus C84 Series Product Information Guide
EPSON Stylus C84 6 - EPSON Tool C84 8/03 Ink Pickup Precautions Warning: Ready ink cartridges out of the motion of children and do not reward the ink. If ink gets on your guardianship, take them thoroughly with soap and liquid. If ink gets in your eyes, gush them soundly with irrigate. Forethought: Don't withdraw the cartridge adjudge, or ink module revealing. Don't remove the site IC microchip from the pickup. Beginning a cartridge without an IC break can misconduct the machine. Abstain striking the unripe IC flake, as this can misconduct the ink cartridge. If you shift an ink pickup temporarily, protect the ink give left on the lower of the cartridge from grunge and
minute box, or, if you know the first packaging, key it to its own box. Accumulation ink cartridges in the like environment as the machine. Position the cartridges piano (the label identifying the influence should be on the top).get