Lexmark X 238 and 239 X-XXX printers are small flexible simulation printers suitable for use in a home or small business. They are particularly well-suited for applications that use continuous or multipart forms. 2381 and 2391 are wide carriage version of 2380-2390.  23XX plus printers (23XX-002), are extended versions of the basic 23XX-001 printers.

These printers have the following additional features:
• Forms macro and smooth paper, opportunities available for scrolling
from the operator panel.
• Option slot.
• Resident bar code.
• Quiet mode.
• Higher speed printing (239 X).
The 23XX forms printers (23XX-003), in addition to the functions of 23XX-002 printers are 9% (9-wire machines) or faster in fast draft of 28% (24-wire machinery). They also maintain 2 options of the tractor.
There is also a PS/1 version of 2390-001, which has a distinctive emblem of the PS/1, but otherwise identical to 2390-001.