KX P8410 color laser printer delivers a fast, high quality colour printing on plain paper, plus the convenience of operation and high performance that you expect from a laser printer.

Some of its features are:
-High quality
Maximum dpi to 1200 *
(* with SIMMS installed options)

-High speed
Continuous printing on paper size A4 size letter
Full colour: maximum 3.5 ppm (pages per minute)
Monochrome mode: up to 14 ppm
-Easy handling
Printer driver
You can easily print full color documents.

System requirements:

* Processor: more than Pentium and Pentium PRO
(133 MHz or faster Processor is recommended.)
* Operating system: WindowsÒ 3.1 * 1 * 2, Windows 95 or Windows NTÒ 4.0 * 3
(Intel only)
* RAM: 16 MB or more (recommended more than 32 MB.)
* Free disk space: 100 MB or more
* Virtual memory: 16 MB or more (recommended more than 32 MB.)
Windows 3.1/95
50 MB or more (recommended more than 100 MB.)
Windows NT 4.0
* Show: a video card that can display more than 256 colors.
(Video card, which can display more than 32,000 data colors is
* Drive: CD-ROM drive
* 1 MicrosoftÒ WindowsÒ operating system version 3.1 (hereinafter referred to as Windows 3.1)
* 2 MicrosoftÒ WindowsÒ 95 operating system (hereafter Windows 95)
* 3 operating system, Windows NTÒ station of MicrosoftÒ and MicrosoftÒ
NTÒ Windows network server